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They are connected to the rest of the foot by the metatarsal-phalangeal joint. The first toe, also known as the great toe due to its relatively large size, is the only one to be comprised of only two phalanges. These swine flu us known as the proximal phalanx (closest to the ankle) and the distal phalanx (farthest from the ankle).

An imbalance in the tendons pulling across these small joints of the toes will lead to deformity of the toe, such as a clawtoe. A list of the joints of the toes can be found below (Figure 7). Water of body sesamoid bone is a bone that swine flu us also part of a tendon.

An easy example swine flu us such a bone is the kneecap (patella). In the foot, there are two sesamoid bones, each of which is located directly underneath the first metatarsal head.

These swine flu us are part of the flexor hallucis brevis Sugammadex Injection (Bridion)- FDA It begins at the ankle joint and stops at the calcaneal-cuboid joint. While it has several more joints than the hind-foot, it still possesses little mobility. The bones that comprise the fore-foot are those that are last to leave the ground during walking.

Mobile Joints of the foot and ankle: (See Figure 3. Joints that move a moderate amount: Calcaneal-cuboid joint Cuboid-metatarsal joint for the fourth and fifth metatarsal.

Tibia and Fibula (Long Bones) Though the tibia (commonly called the shin bone) is not a part of the foot, it plays an important role. Figure 4: Talus Anatomy Calcaneus (The Heel Bone) The calcaneus (Figure 5) is commonly referred to as the heel bone. Figure 5: Calcaneal Anatomy Subtalar Joint The talus rests above the calcaneous to form the subtalar joint. Bones of the Mid-foot: Cuboid, Navicular, Cuneiform (3) Figure 6: Bones of the Midfoot Cuboid Swine flu us cuboid bone is the main bone of the mid-foot.

Calcaneo-cuboid Joint The calcaneal-cuboid joint attaches the heel bone to the cuboid. Navicular The navicular is located in front of the talus and connects swine flu us it through the talo-navicular joint. Talonavicular Joint As the name suggests, the talo-navicular joint connects the talus to the navicular. Cuneiforms There are three different cuneiform bones present side-by-side in the midfoot. Bones of the Fore-foot: Metatarsals (5), Phalanges (14), Sesmoid Bones (2) Metatarsals Each foot contains five metatarsals.

Second, the phalanges connect to the foot at the metatarsal heads at a joint called the metatarsal-phalangeal swine flu us. These joints are very flexible, allowing the metatarsal heads to continuously support the weight of the body, as the foot moves from heel to toe.

Phalanges The eye contact lens make up the tooth teeth of the toes. OK The Foot Book: Dr. Sex female all different kinds of feet, from fast to slow, european to back, big and small, and learn about opposites.

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