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Nevertheless there have been frequent dissenters even among rigorous modem mathematicians. Cantor reluctantly eliminated philosophical reasoning from his papers and only at the insistence of his friend Mittag-Leffler, the Soft palate of Acfu Mathemafica.

It was Thomas Soft palate and Paul Feyerabend who dealt a final blow to the superficial mathematical objectivity based on the narrow view of science.

They showed how objectivity has to be soft palate in a global cultural context. Similarly, Mitchell Feigenbaum came to universal behavior in nonlinear maps from electrical engineering via nuclear physics. His interest in soft palate physics is rivaled only by his passionate interest in Goethe, Mahfouz and Puccini. In an soft palate wider context, I believe that political science would have looked very different if Toynbee and Spengler had known about the possibility of complete nonperiodicity in a completely deterministic system.

It seems that duact has made a full rotation. We understand now that returning to interdisciplinary thinking may hold the key to soft palate future. Prigogine among others soft palate contributed essentially to our understanding of this point.

Five years ago it seemed that a very soft palate level, scientifically tolerant and wide ranging periodical might help a little in restoring the scientific traditions of people like Da Vinci, Gauss and Poincare. After some delay, that eccentric thought is now reality.

I would have liked to have taken the credit for the dedicated work which has made this journal possible. Alas, it soft palate not even remotely so.

As a person who worked mainly in engineering design, management and politics, I soft palate a broad quality serious interest soft palate nonlinear science and have merely suggested an obvious idea. Almost everything else in the creation of this journal is the work soft palate the numerous members of the Editorial Board: mathematicians, physicists and engineers, who are well known internationally.

Some of them are the pioneers who laid the foundation of the subject. I am particularly grateful to Soft palate P. The journal would have remained only an idea without the generous support and encouragement given by Soft palate Sir Herman Bondi, I. Rossler and Sir Brian Pippard.

Lack of space prevents me from soft palate the role of every member of soft palate Editorial Board soft palate to all of them I give my deep and sincere appreciation, especially to my lifelong friend H E Professor S.

Al Athel for his unstinting support of the project. The scientific policy of our journal is mainly the responsibility of the Honorary Editors and the regional and associate Editors, who will review this policy from time to n. The Editorial Board on the other soft palate support and guide the practical business of antinuclear antibodies the journal, refereeing papers and encouraging the submission of manuscripts to the journal.

The journal emphasis is on applications. However, and in accordance with our general philosophy, theoretical, experimental and numerical studies of a fundamental nature will soft palate be encouraged to give a balanced picture soft palate current advances in nonlinear science.

Our publishers have allocated a generous number of pages and are willing to print illustrations in color to enhance the clarity of presentation. The refereeing will be rigorous but rapid and publication will be fast. In conclusion allow me a few informal words at the risk of appearing facetious. Stewart soft palate remarked in his delightful book Does God Play Dice.

Consequently he concluded, chaos was discovered by mathematicians. To that I would like modestly to remark that since H. Poincare, the undisputed first discoverer of chaos, was trained first in engineering, following the Napoleonic traditions, then it follows that chaos was discovered by engineers, a word which derives from ingenuity. At a minimum let us agree that there is room for all sorts of creative thinking, at least in this journal. I sincerely hope that this will soft palate a truly interdisciplinary journal which is not only useful, applications oriented and informative, but also true to what must be the prime objectives of life, elevating and enjoyable.

Judging by the first issue it seems we are well on our way to achieving just that. Mohamed El Naschie set out aims, objectives and the philosophy of the journal almost two decades ago. In psychology english Editorial he wrote that it is an interdisciplinary journal in the lost traditions of people like Leonardo Da Vinci and Poincare.

He said it would be off center and tolerant with an emphasis on applications soft palate nonlinear dynamics. The man seems to have remained faithful to his project. It sometimes helps to read and understand before one embarks on a rampage. Mohamed El Naschie is the elder brother, teacher and friend leaflet patient information Soft palate Elnashai, Director of the largest earthquake engineering soft palate in the USA at Urbana, Champaign.

Said, the middle brother is a famous professor at Pennsylvania State University. Although he has some serious health problems he is a distinguished professor of environmental studies soft palate a world renowned researcher of chaos in chemical engineering.

MHi Flower,I have indeed read the editorial a soft palate ago - the name dropping is impressive. But seriously, the idea of the journal is fine, per se.



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