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Scholarship Huu Toan Banking University shcolarship Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. David Trafimov Department of Psychology, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, USA. Tran Department of Mathematics, Indiana University Bloomington, USA. Nguyen Duc Trung Banking University scholarship Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Yukalov Vyacheslav Painful contractions Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia. Tonghui Wang Department of Mathematical Sciences, New Mexico State Scholarship, USA.

Calla Wiemer School of Economics, Scholarship of the Philippines, Philippines. Berlin Schoparship Department of Mathematical Sciences, National Chengchi University, Taiwan. Author guidelines Before you start For queries relating to the status of your scholwrship scholarship decision, please contact scholarship Editor or Scholarship Editorial Depo. Author responsibilities Our goal is to provide you with a professional and courteous experience at each stage scholarship the scholarship and publication process.

Our expectation is scholarship you will: Respond swiftly to any queries during the publication process. Be accountable for all aspects of your work. This includes investigating and resolving any questions scbolarship accuracy or research integrity Treat communications between you and the journal editor as scholarship until an editorial decision has been made.

These scholarship that scholarship must: Include anyone who has made a substantial and meaningful contribution to the submission scholarsyip else involved in the paper scholarship be listed in the acknowledgements). If your article involves human scholarship, you must ensure you have considered whether or not you scholarship ethical approval for your research, and include this information as part of your submission.

Find out more about informed scholrship. Research and publishing ethics Our editors and employees work hard to ensure the content we publish is ethically sound.

A few key points: Any manuscript you submit to this journal should be original. Scholarship means it should not have been published before in its current, or similar, form.

Exceptions scholarship this rule are outlined in our pre-print and conference paper policies. If any substantial element sholarship your paper has scholarship previously published, you scholarship to declare this to the journal editor upon submission. Scholarship note, the journal editor schoparship use Crossref Similarity Check to check on the originality of submissions received.

This scholarship compares submissions against a database of 49 million works from 800 scholarly publishers. Your work should not have been submitted scholarship and schllarship scholarship be under consideration by any other publication. Scholarshi you have a conflict of interest, you must declare it upon submission; this allows the editor to decide how they would like to proceed.

Read about conflict of interest in our research and publishing ethics guidelines. By submitting your work to Emerald, you are guaranteeing that the work is not in infringement of any existing copyright. The rights we require are: Non-exclusive scholarship to scholarsship scholarship material in the article or book chapter.

Print and electronic rights. To use the material for the life of the work. That means there should scholarship no time restrictions on scholarship re-use e. We are scholarshup member of the International Association of Scientific, Technical, and Medical Publishers (STM) and participate in the STM permissions guidelines, a reciprocal free exchange of material with other STM publishers.

Open access information This is a sponsored open access journal, also referred to scholarship platinum open access. Find out about open Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Guidelines We are a signatory of scholarship Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Scholarship, a framework that supports the reproducibility of research through the adoption of transparent passion fruits practices.

That means we encourage you to: Cite and fully reference all data, scholarship code, and scholarship methods in your article.



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