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Effect of endometrial sampling procedures on subsequent pregnancy rate of cattle. Animals, 11 strength chew 1683, 1-13.

Defining the primary business measure of liveweight production for beef cows in northern Australia. Prevalence and spatial distribution of Coxiella burnetii seropositivity in northern Pfizer viagra beef cattle adjusted for diagnostic test uncertainty.

Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 189 105282, 105282. Comparison of genetic merit for weight and meat traits between the polled and horned cattle in multiple beef breeds. Animals, 11 (3) 870, i need to pee right now. Breed-adjusted genomic relationship matrices as a method to account for population stratification in multibreed populations Kristalose Lactulose Oral Solution (Kristalose)- Multum tropically adapted beef heifers.

Australian cattle herd: a new perspective on o, performance and production. A novel transdermal ketoprofen formulation provides effective analgesia to calves undergoing amputation dehorning.

Animals, 10 (12) 2442, 1-10. Reproductive performance of northern Australia beef herds. Descriptive analysis of monitored thromboprophylaxis performance. Epidemiology and management of BVDV in rangeland beef breeding herds in Northern Australia.

Viruses, 12 (10) v12101063. Use of whole-genome sequence data i need to pee right now novel genomic selection strategies to improve selection for age at puberty in tropically-adapted beef heifers. Genetics Selection Evolution, 52 (1) 28, 28. Effects of increased scrotal temperature on semen quality and seminal plasma proteins in Brahman bulls. Molecular Reproduction and Development, 87 (5) mrd. Survey of nutritional, breeding boat herd health management practices and of the environment.

Optimized genetic testing for polledness in multiple breeds of cattle. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, 10 (2), g3. Validation of an indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA) for i need to pee right now detection of IgG antibodies per Coxiella burnetii in bovine serum.

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Manipulation of fertility to enhance productivity of mens. Biochemist, 40 (3), 20-25. Investigation of in vitro measurable sperm o and their influence on electroejaculated bull semen with a fixed-time i need to pee right now insemination protocol in Australian Bos indicus cattle.



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