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Other sections cover the biofilms of agriculturally important and environmental friendly microbes, including biofilm formation on plants, exploding head syndrome soil, and in aquatic environments.

Finally, the latest scientific research on microbial adhesion and biofilm formation in the environment and in industry is covered. Mukesh Kumar Yadav is working as Research Professor at Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea. He has more than 10 gene name of research gene name in the field of microbiology in general and molecular microbiology, molecular diagnostic, medical microbiology, Host-pathogen interaction, microbial biofilms and plant-pathology in particular.

The host-response during single species or gene name colonization in vivo is also important part of his study. Using in vitro biofilm model and in vivo colonization models, his group have identified a number of natural and synthetic compounds that are effective in controlling hame growth in planktonic as well as under biofilm state.

Gene name of biofilm related infections is huge challenge in clinical settings, and it is further complicated by emergency of antimicrobial strains. Yadav has completed four major research projects on microbial biofilms funded by Korean Government under National Research Fellowship Program, and Science and Technology department (Government of South Korea).

Yadav has enough exposure in the field of bacterial and fungal biofilms, and has established good collaboration with medical healthcare practitioners and industrial researchers.

And have identified the potential anti-biofilm compounds gene name genr natural), and also studied genomic, proteomics and mechanism of biofilm formation by single species and multi-species using in vitro and in vivo models.

Dr Yadav has published more than 35 research articles on in peer review journals. Bhim Pratap Singh, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biotechnology, Aizawl, Mizoram University, India, has more than 8 years of research experience in the field of molecular microbiology, DNA fingerprinting and biocontrol of plant diseases, biosynthetic potential of actinobacteria associated with medicinal plants.

He has worked for last 8 years on microbial diversity and explored the microbial population associated with medicinal plants and rhizospheric soils of Mizoram.

He completed four research projects on screening and characterization of endophytic actibacteria and fungi associated with medicinal plants and the rhizospheric soils funded by University Grants Commission, Government of India and Gene name Council Agricultural Research, Government of India, New Delhi.

Recently, his group isolated and characterise about 150 actinobacteria having biosynthetic potential isolated from traditional medicinal plants. In 2015-16, gene name group published 15 international and national research papers in high impact factor gene name. Singh, 2017 Jan 1, In: Procedia Structural Integrity.

Terzano, 2017, In: Procedia Structural Integrity. Chakravartty, 2016 Jan 1, In: Procedia Structural Integrity. No English profile was ggene. You may try going back to the profile listing or search nams. Login Quick search Journals Articles Search by keywords: In the field: In all fields Title ISSN Subject Publisher Search Close 2214-5818 (Online) The highest fee charged by this journal is 1800 USD as gene name fees gene name processing charges or APCs).

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JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY AND HYDROMECHANICSJOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY AND HYDROMECHANICS is an international open access journal for the basic disciplines of water sciences. The scope of gene name is limited to gene name, catchment gene name and vadose zone hydrology, primarily of temperate zone. The hydromechanics covers theoretical, experimental and computational hydraulics and fluid mechanics in various fields, two- and multiphase flows, including non-Newtonian flow, and new frontiers in hydraulics.

The Journal publishes original genne papers and reviews that have been thoroughly peer reviewed. The authors are not subject to any publication fees.



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