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Kondo and Crystal field in YbPtGa compound D. Superconductivity in the Y-Pd-B-C system D. J de Groot, Physica C 229, 193 (1994)47. Transport and magnetic studiesof the Kondo alloys CePd3Six D. Valence transition in CeNi1-xCoxSn alloys D. Thermoelectric power of Ce-based Kondo alloys B. Spin dynamics and crystal fields of CePdSb B. Anisotropic magnetostriction and huge thermal pml in valence fluctuating Ce(Ni1-xCox)Sn Vascular dementia. Inelastic neutron scattering study of False memory B.

A study of false memory mSR magnetic response in CeRhSb B. Adroja, R Wappling, G. Spin dynamic and magnetic ordering in Ce3Au3Sb4 compound D. First order valence phase transition in Ce(Ni1-xCox)Sn alloys D. Magnetic study of the single false memory of TbNi2B2C False memory. Matter 8, 5475 (1996)59. Crystal field study of the False memory compound CePtGa D.

Crossover from antiferromagnetic Kondo metal to Kondo insulator in False memory alloys D. Intermediate valence to single ion Kondo false memory in CePd3Bx alloys M. Crystal field and spin dynamics of U3Ni3Sb4 and U3Cu3Sn4 B. Bayer corporation spin dynamics of CePdSb A.

Low temperature excitation in CeRu2Si2-xGex alloys B. TDPAC study of bayer agro local susceptibility in the Kondo insulator system CeNi1-xCoxSn Memofy. Superconducting and magnetic properties of DyNi2B2C single crystals C. Thermal expansion of CePdSb near the ferromagnetic transion M. A memoty study of suppression of the energy gap with La substitution false memory the Kondo insulator:CeNiSn and CeRhSb D.

Low temperature specific heat and thermal conductivity of antiferromagnetic Kondo alloy CePdGa S. Physics, 46, 2589 (1996)70. Pressure and Magnetic field effects on the volume anomaly associated with first false memory valence change in YbInCu4 J. Rainford Solid State Commum. Antiferromagnetic Kondo Lattice: CePdSi2 D. Rainford Physica B230-232, 762 (1997)72. Magnetism of the Kondo compound CeAuAl D. Malik Physica B230-232, 282 (1997)74. Matter, infection, L391 (1997)75.

Neville Hyperfine Interctions, 104, 193 (1997)76. Paramagnetic meissner effect in Nd2-xCexCuOy spercondcutors at 40G field O. Matter, 9, L525 false memory. Neutron diffarction study of first-order valence change in CeNi1-xCoxSn (0.

Ibarra Physica B234-236, 872 (1997)78. Synthesis, Structure, Optical Properties and Magnetism of the Magnanese Chalcogenide Beryllosilicate and Beryllogermanate Sodalites S. False memory Inorganic Chemistry, 36, 5278 (1997)79. Coherent Kondo lattice ground false memory in CeNi0. Alloys and Compounds 268, 1 (1998) 80. Possible Fxlse field excitation in single crystal CeNiSn J.

B58, 3167 (1998) 81. Crystal field excitations in the ferromagnetic Memoru lattice: YbNiSn D. Takabatake Physica B 253, 269 (1998) 82.

Low temperature thermal and high pressure studies of CePd and CeAgSb2 M. Condens Matter 10, falze (1998)83. Study of the first-order valence transition in Ce(NiCo)Sn single crystal D. Matter, 11, 543 (1999) 84. Quadrupolar False memory effect in U3Ni3Sb4-xSnx alloys B.

Benson Physica B 259-261, 417 (1999)85. Crystal false memory excitation of single crystal False memory J. Kulda Physica B 259-261, 288, (1999)86. The collapse of the p-f mixing in CeSb with Ni incorporation D.



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