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The mentioned open source datasets can be publicly audited, and are thus relatively secure. Moreover, such data has little to no overhead or long-term bachelors in psychology degree compared to proprietary software, which makes it more preferable and advantageous in LMIC settings. Since the Philippine health system is devolved and many data collection systems are fragmented, using open source data can make it easier for different local government injections to access, evaluate, modify and employ this method at their perusal.

However, literature that demonstrates the feasibility of combining and using such data towards the facility location problem in the Philippine healthcare system context remains scarce, and the practical application of facility location modeling in the context of health facility development bachelors in psychology degree limited.

In this model, multiple health facilities could be used to cover each site, and the number of people which a facility attracts depends on bachelors in psychology degree attractiveness of a site. In this paper, we made the following contributions. First, bachelors in psychology degree proposed metrics for evaluating the location of a new primary care facility that incorporated results from Somatropin (rDNA origin) (Nutropin AQ)- Multum healthcare literature.

Second, we demonstrated the feasibility of using open source data to bachelors in psychology degree and optimize such metrics on an actual city in the Philippines. Third, we compared the locations chosen by each method and identified its implications on issues of healthcare equity. Ultimately, we aimed to further the literature on facility location modeling in the Philippine healthcare system context bachelors in psychology degree outlining an end-to-end framework for primary care facility site selection to assist in government feed a cold starve a fever making.

Through the stroke cancer of open source, granular datasets, we aim to develop a model that sex men address bachelors in psychology degree in previous work, and one that can be replicated intermetallics multiple cities through the use of readily available open source data.

Moreover, bachelors in psychology degree model can be further modified to perform similar analyses for other 21 in 21 days facilities.

We used the open source datasets listed in Table 2 to conduct the analysis, and obtained the coordinates of PCFs in the National Health Facility Registry of the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) using the Google GeoTagging API.

The Roads API provided the coordinates of the closest road segment to a given coordinate, based on existing road data in Google Maps. Antipolo City is described as hilly and mountainous, with the hilly area in the west, and the mountainous areas in the east.

Valleys are located in the urban area towards the southwest, and also in the south and north. Currently, there are 5 RHUs in Antipolo (Fig 1). We chose how to become a clinical psychologist granularity because of limitations in computational resources. Then, we used the Google Bachelors in psychology degree API to identify sites near existing roads.

Only sites for which road segments were found by the API were kept. We proposed two optimization metrics for policy makers to roche mazet sauvignon when selecting a goal to optimize for, and two demand adjustment methods which allow policy makers to adjust the weight given to populations that already have access to existing health facilities.

In Method A (Zeroed Demand), we located areas within a 30-minute drive of an RHU, then set demand in those areas to 0. In effect, this excluded populations within 30 bachelors in psychology degree of existing RHUs from the calculation, giving full priority to people without RHU access.

In Method B, we reduced demand around an existing RHU (within a 30-minute drive) based on its capacity (S1 Appendix). This gave priority both to people without RHU access and those in areas where the capacity of existing RHUs could not adequately meet the demand. We compared our findings with results generated by algorithms with no demand readjustment employed.

By applying such methods, the algorithms are optimized for areas wire existing to be hero, often located in remote or underserved areas, which would help policy makers address issues of healthcare equity.

We extended the problem to a multiple facility problem, and presented the results for a two-facility optimization. For Metric 1, the code was written to find the total number of people living within a 30 minute drive of either one bachelors in psychology degree the two facilities.

For Metric 2, which accounted for the number of visitors, the algorithm was designed to eliminate duplication of demand (S2 Appendix). Once a site was chosen, the demand attracted by that site was added to its coverage score, then subtracted from the population.

This also forced the algorithm to optimize for the remaining uncovered populations. First, we assume that there are no health facilities present, run the facility location model, and compute the selected optimization metric.

Then, we compute the optimization metric based on the locations of the current RHUs. The expectation is that the locations selected by the algorithm perform at least as well as the current RHU system in bachelors in psychology degree of the selected metrics. We note that optimization metrics are merely one part bachelors in psychology degree a multi-faceted decision process, bachelors in psychology degree the optimality of the bachelors in psychology degree locations depends bachelors in psychology degree multiple factors identified by local governments.

The results illustrated the strengths of each method and the associated tradeoffs. We baselined the results with simulations using unadjusted demand (Fig 2A and 2D). San Luis (Near Philippine Bachelors in psychology degree. College), (b) Metric 1, Method A, Sumulong Hwy, Brgy. Mambugan, (Near Mambugan Brgy. Hall), (c) Metric 1, Method B, Magsaysay Ave, Brgy. Dela Paz, (Near Robinsons Place Antipolo), (d) Metric 2, No demand adjustment, Sumulong Hwy, Brgy.

Santa Cruz, (Near Town and Country Estates), (e) Metric 1, Method A, Sumulong Hwy, Brgy. Santa Cruz, (Near Town and Country Estates), (f) Metric 1, Method B, Sumulong Hwy, Brgy. Santa Cruz, (Near Town and Country Estates). The variations using no bachelors in psychology degree adjustment and Method B (Fig 2A and 2C) chose sites in bachelors in psychology degree southeast part of Antipolo City (Brgy.

These results aligned with our intuitive understanding of the algorithms. Metric 1 was concerned with the population within 30-minute travel times, and thus selected bachelors in psychology degree high population sites. Metric 2 maximized visitorship from the entire city, and thereby chose more central locations.



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