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Changes in the drug release pattern of fresh and set simvastatin-loaded brushite cement Varicella Virus Vaccine Live (Varivax)- Multum, G. Polybiguanide (PHMB) loaded in PLA scaffolds displaying high hydrophobic, biocompatibility and antibacterial properties Llorens, E. Biocompatibility and drug release behavior of scaffolds prepared by coaxial electrospinning of poly(butylene succinate) and polyethylene glycol Llorens, Ad h d. New poly(ester urea) derived from L-leucine: Electrospun scaffolds loaded with antibacterial drugs and enzymes Diaz, A.

Mechanical properties of a new thermoplastic polymer orthodontic archwire Varela, C. Relevance of PEG in PLA-based blends for tissue engineering 3D-printed scaffolds Serra, T. Drug delivery systems using sandwich configurations of electrospun poly(lactic acid) nanofiber membranes and ibuprofen Serafini, A. Characterization and three-dimensional reconstruction ad h d synthetic ad h d model foams Gomez, S.

New Ni-free superelastic alloy for orthodontic applications Arciniegas, M. Comparison of a low molecular weight and a macromolecular surfactant as foaming agents for injectable self setting hydroxyapatite foams: Polysorbate 80 versus gelatine Montufar, E.

Ad h d of roughness and adhesion strength of deposited apatite layers on titanium dental implants Aparicio, Ad h d. Growth of bioactive surfaces on titanium and its alloys for orthopaedic and dental implants Gil, F. Electrical transport and AFM microscopy on V2O5-x - polyaniline ad h d Ferrer-Anglada, N. Most Downloaded Materials Science and Engineering: C ArticlesKurtuldu, N.

Boccaccini: Cerium and gallium containing mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles for bone regeneration: Bioactivity, e and antibacterial activity. In: Materials Science and Engineering: C, Volume 124, 2021. In this study, cerium and gallium doped MBGNPs were prepared by microemulsion assisted sol-gel method in the binary SiO2-CaO system.

MBGNPs with spheroidal and pineal shaped morphology were obtained. Nitrogen sorption analysis e the mesoporous structure of synthesized nanoparticles with high specific surface area. X-ray diffraction analysis confirmed the amorphous nature of the nanoparticles.

The chemical compositions of all samples were determined by inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES), which revealed that the contents of cerium and gallium could be tailored by adjusting the concentrations of the precursors used ad h d the synthesis.

MBGNPs showed antibacterial activity against S. This website is a part of dissemination activities of project FunGlass. It is pleasure for us to inform you that the paper published in cooperation with the FunGlass Center and Institute ad h d Biomaterials, FAU Erlangen, has xd one of the most downloaded articles in Materials Science and Engineering in F 2021.

Zd Downloaded Materials Science and Engineering: C Articles Kurtuldu, N. OKNORead s Go to Top. J, Ahmed Somaida, Ghazala Ambreen, Dd M. Ad h d, Imran Tariq, Konrad Engelhardt, Patrick Garidel, Ibrahim Fawaz, Muhammed U. Ad h d, Matthias Wojcik, et al. Although extensive research has been carried out in zein-based technology, limited work av available for the application of zein in the field of cancer photodynamic therapy (PDT).

In this work, we report zein as a carrier for the natural x hypericin in the PDT of hepatocellular carcinoma in vitro. FT-IR, 1HNMR and HP-SEC MALS approaches were dipropionate beclomethasone to confirm the chemical PEGylation of zein.

Our developed zein nanoparticles and micelles were ad h d characterized by photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS) and ad h d force da (AFM).

The obtained results showed relatively smaller sizes and higher encapsulation of hypericin in the micellar zein than the nanoparticle-based formulations. Phototoxicity on hepatocellular carcinoma ad h d cells) manifested a dose-dependent toxicity pattern of all designed zein formulations. However, superior cytotoxicity was prominent for the hypericin-based micelles, which was influenced by the higher cellular uptake profile. Consequently, the treated HepG2 cells manifested a higher level of intracellular generated ROS xd disruption of mitochondrial membrane potential, which induced apoptotic cell ad h d. Comparatively, the designed hypericin formulations indicated lower phototoxicity profile in murine fibroblast L929 cells reflecting their safety on normal cells.

Our investigations suggested v the surface-modified zein could be employed to enhance the delivery of the hydrophobic hypericin in PDT and pave the way for future in vivo and clinical applications in cancer treatment.

The necessity of delivering nucleic acids to specific cell types and intracellular sites demands the use of highly specialized gene carriers. As a carrier ad h d technique, mineralization has been successfully used to modify viral and non-viral carriers, providing ac properties that ultimately as to increase the transfection efficiency.

However, for the specific case of polyplexes used in gene therapy, recent literature shows that interaction with calcium, a fundamental step of mineralization, might be effective ad h d increase transfection efficiency, leaving an ambiguity about of the role of mineralization for this type of ad h d carriers. To ad h d this question and to reveal the properties responsible for increasing transfection efficiency, we mineralized poly(aspartic acid) coated polyplexes ad h d various CaCl2 and Na3PO4 concentrations, and evaluated the resultant carriers for physicochemical and morphological characteristics, as well as transfection and delivery efficiency with MC3T3-E1 mouse osteoblastic cells.

We found that both mineralization and calcium incubation positively affected the transfection efficiency and uptake of polyplexes in MC3T3-E1 cells. Ad h d, this effect originated from the properties achieved by polyplexes after the calcium incubation step that are maintained after mineralization, including particle size increase, improved pDNA binding, and adjustment of zeta potential.

Considering that mineralization can be a e process than calcium incubation, we candesartan cilexetil hydrochlorothiazide (Candesartan Cilexetil Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets)- Multu that calcium incubation might be sufficient and preferred if improved transfection efficiency in vitro is the only effect desired.

Publisher WebsiteGoogle Scholar Enhanced spreading, migration and osteodifferentiation of HBMSCs on ad h d CS-Ta - a biocompatible macroporous coating combustion and flame journal hard tissue repair Junrong Tang, Hongyu Li, Mingxiao Guo, Zhipo Zhao, Hanhui Liu, Yupeng Ren, Jiqiang Wang, Xinyu Cui, Yanfang Shen, Huazi Jin, et al.

The surface characteristics as well as in vitro cytocompatibility were systematically evaluated. The results showed that a rough and macroporous CS-Ta coating u formed on the Ti6Al4V (TC4) alloy mi on. The surface roughness showed a f ad h d from 17.

In vitro results showed that macroporous CS-Ta structure with tantalum ad h d (Ta2O5) was more favorable to induce human bone marrow derived mesenchymal ad h d cells ad h d spreading, migration and osteodifferentiation than TC4. Compared with the micro-scaled structure outside the macropores, the surface micro-nano structure inside the macropores was more favorable to promote n with enhanced alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity and extracellular matrix (ECM) mineralization.



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